Want to learn the fundamentals and create a system to help you get your products off of your shelf and sell online? Do you make jewelry, arts or crafts? Do you want to start a home based business?  Are you in business and the plans and strategies just are not clicking? Then keep reading this is for you! I want to help you get to your goals!  You will learn the framework of your business.


  • If you've done craft shows, Etsy, Shopify and ecommerce. While all of these are good it's not going to make you a ton of money. And it's probably not going to generate enough cash flow to retire you in 10 years doing the same old fashioned methods. Sometimes, you don't even break even. Does this worry you?


Here's what you need, sis. You need a blueprint that will work for your business! YES, a blueprint. If you want to know how you can implement a seamless system and are willing to learn then this class is definitely for you. Included in your business package will be an enriched 5 Day Masterclass series, and weekly one on one sessions that are custom to your business.  


Deciding what you really want and ACHIEVING it whether in business or personal lifestyle.


What would your life look like 5, 10, 30 , 1 year from now if you keep doing the same things over and over in your business?


Then listen up because you need an experienced coach and this useful planner.  The Business Blueprint  along with coaching are the foundation and framework  to help you build your business! Lorelei will help you establish the key fundamentals to building on a foundation using her 5 Pillars to business blueprint.  The skillset that you will learn will be the mechanisms to keep your business running.

Here's what you get:

One-on-One Coaching Program to get you results you are looking for

90 Day Coaching Program built in 12 weeks 

3-Month Perfect Get ACTIVATION Planner for your mind, body and lifestyle

FREE access to the community

1 Discovery Session (1-2hr) 

Weekly group  empowerment sessions

Women's Empowerment welcome gift box

A Blueprint  that helps you to generate sales

FREE access to all of the upcoming events


**This package does not include templates, sites, purchased apps as those are sold separately. A 3 month coaching program is available for $5484.00 ( $ for 3  consecutive months ) There are no refunds and you may cancel at any time.  However, we hope you will see your program thru. 

Why do you need a coach? A coach' s job is to take you from point A to point B from wherever your starting point is. My program is designed to encourage, inspire and empower you to find your courage, inspiration and empowerment to ACTIVATE your genius. You will have the skills along the way to process and form solutions to get the results you want at your own pace. However, my job as a mentor, coach is to help challenge you outside of your knowledge and comfort zone so that you learn and are able to intuitively and independantly create win wins for your business, life matters or any goals you may have in your life.


no refunds. No exchanges. You can cancel anytime however you will forfeit your sessions immediately at the time of cancellation.  

Are you ready?


FINANCING:  When you purchase and get to the checkout then you will see the financing option.  If you choose to pay in full you may do so.  However, if you choose to pay we have an option for 3 easy installments.  Your experience will NOT be based on the options you choose. 



90 Day Hustle & WIN Transformation For Entrepreneurs

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90 Day Empowerment
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